About Hamyus Hajj & Umrah Services

HamYus Hajj & Umrah specializes in organizing Umrah and Hajj tours for prospective pilgrims to the Holy Land. We work with a wide variety of Hajj Tour operators. Travel agents, Hotels in Mecca and Medina with a view to getting the best deal and service for our clients.
At HamYus Hajj & Umrah, our services are tailored to the needs of our clients. We specialise in Economy Hajj packages and also offer 5* Umrah packages in April, Ramadan, and December, with discounted rates for children and families.

Our Mission

Hamyus Hajj & Umrah will Inshallah strive to provide a spiritually enlightening journey for Pilgrims who wish to visit Makkah & Medinah. We are dedicated to making your Hajj and Umrah tours a memorable and spiritually fulfiling one.

HamYus Hajj & Umrah will be a Centre of Excellence for preparing Pilgrims for Hajj & Umrah and be a means to enrich people lives.

HamYus Hajj & Umrah will, In shaa Allah, do what we say we will do, to meet commitments, and be dependable and responsible. We conduct ourselves with honesty, fairness, truth, candour, and respect. We treat others, as we ourselves would want to be treated. We focus on the collective good.

We value the practice of service and what it teaches us about ourselves, and our relation to others. Our participants are here to experience the world in new ways. We are attuned to and care about their experience, needs, and expectations. We treat each other with similar grace.